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VIP Launch Team

I am SO excited and grateful that you would like to support my upcoming children's picture book!

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Thank you and sending hugs to you!



In the adorable, educational, lusciously illustrated children's picture book: PACO THE OCTOPUS: A Tale of Perseverance written by Holly Rampone and illustrated by Vivien Sarkany, adults and children alike will find themselves gasping and giggling along with young Paco as he leaves the safety of his home reef, facing everything from a menacing barracuda to tangled fishing line in his determination to learn more about the sea around him.

And whenever Paco faced a challenge, he remembered the words his Mama used to say to him:

“You beat your fear when you persevere!” 


Tag along with Paco to learn about the wonders of the ocean, the unique talents of an octopus, and what it means to never give up!

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